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Prayers On My Pillow is a collection of 150 prayers encouraging girls to look inward for the strength to heal hurts, calm fears, and reconcile with family and friends. They present the values of self-reliance and confidence and celebrate the unique pleasures and challenges of being
a girl.

Celia Straus follows up on the success of her beloved Prayers On My Pillow with 150 more intimate verses that articulate both the joys and fears of a girl's journey to self.

Available in hardback from Ballantine Books for $18.50, Prayers On My Pillow can be purchased at your nearest bookstore or online at Amazon or,, or Books@Random.

This Web site is updated on a regular basis with new prayers, quizzes, contests and information about Prayers On My Pillow.

Email your problem to "Share A Problem" and get a special prayer written just for you within 48 hours.

Our New CD/Book

"I'm More Than What I Seem"

Celebrity  CD/Book of Prayers On My Pillow with Annette Bening, Amy Irving, Judith Ivey, Kathleen Turner, Blythe Danner and their daughters reading the prayers to music.

 CD/Book produced by Padma Projects

Audio Samples from the CD

Coming in October, 2000
"More Prayers On My Pillow"

A second collection of all new prayers for teenage girls by Ballantine Books

A 2001 Monthly calendar based on "Prayers On My Pillow" and a Daily Spin Calendars with 200 new prayers will be available in June, 2000 by Avalanche Publishing.

Celia would like to meet you. Register Here.

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